The power of DeliverTrac

  • Realtime tracking

    Track deliveries as they happen, with live traffic conditions. Replay past trips to see real-time driver locations and accurately identify stopovers.

  • No extra hardware

    A simple mobile app that has it all – navigation for optimal delivery routes, minimal battery and data usage, and offline access.

  • POS/Website Integration

    Integrate your POS, order system, or consumer app and site seamlessly with our APIs.

  • Track and Update

    With a real-time overview and automatic messaging you can keep your customers updated at all times.

  • Centralize

    Streamline orders from across multiple restaurants and from website/app onto one platform

  • Realtime Analytics

    Our powerful analytics help you to identify opportunities to improve your delivery and team performance.

Smarter Deliveries and Increased Loyalty for your brand

Our cloud delivery software helps create a logical ordering and delivery process for meal deliveries. Start a delivery service, manage multiple locations and drivers in no time. Create, Dispatch and Relax

  • Effective for Managers

    Update orders, re-assign deliveries, and notify drivers – all through a live dashboard equipped with actionable insights and visualisations.

  • Efficient for Drivers

    Our streamlined work-flow only need minimum touch from drivers from start to finish. With only a few taps on the phone, orders are accepted, picked up, and delivered to the customers.

  • Delighted Customers

    Customers get notified for active deliveries with live tracking. Alert managers about delays, or the driver app going offline. No more worried calls and unhappy customers.

A sneak peek into DeliverTrac

Plug and Play

DeliverTrac can be integrated with your existing ordering System or we shall offer Ordering and Delivery software for your business.

Try it yourself

Every day up to 30% of all orders are delivered late. We will help you to minimize late deliveries and ensure your customers will order again happily.
Running a delivery service isn’t cheap. With our software tool restaurants will improve their overall performance and make sure every dollar is used wisely.
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